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Installing an Innovation Studio – Step 1: Choose your Resources

Every school has different requirements, and as a consequence every Innovation Studio is different and has different learning resources. The LEGO® Education range is developed to inspire imagination, creativity and make delivering the curriculum fun. As part of your Innovation Studio, we will design a range of classroom packs specifically for your school’s needs.


Computing, D&T, Science, Maths and Engineering – EV3 enables students to program and build solutions to real-life problems. The digital workbook, content editor and data logging features make it the complete classroom solution. Click here for more information.



Reading, writing, speaking and listening - StoryStarter is a hands-on tool that inspires students to collaborate, while creating and communicating stories using LEGO bricks and the creative digital interface. Click here for more information.


LEGO Education WeDo

Computing, D&T, Science, Maths and Language - WeDo enables students to learn, construct and then bring their models to life using the drag-and-drop software. Click here for more information.



Language and Communication - BuildToExpress empowers students of all abilities to creatively communicate their thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner. Click here for more information.


Machines & Mechanisms

D&T, Science, Maths and Engineering - LEGO® Education Machines & Mechanisms Machines & Mechanisms focuses on the scientific principle, and not only the practical end-result. All activities challenge your students and inspire them to explore ideas, ask questions, investigate motorised real-life models... all using Machines & Mechanisms. Click here for more information.


Interested? Take the chance to look at our current offer.

Receive the NEW COMPUTING CURRICULUM PACK FREE when you buy a half class set of LEGO® MINDSTORMS Education EV3.

We are happy to provide advice on which modules fit for your Innovation Studio. Contact us on 0800 334 5346 or email

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