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Fun and engaging learning programs

LEGO® Education Afterschool Programs vary, so you will need to contact your nearest Learning Center to find out exactly what is on offer.

Below is a short description of the types of programs available:


3+ My World:
Children explore their world of family, friends and animals. They become aware of differences between themselves and the people around them and develop the self confidence to express ideas as they build and play with simple LEGO® DUPLO® and LEGO® SOFT bricks. 


4+ My World Discovery:
Children explore shape, size and color, and learn about how things work in the home and the local community. They learn to classify, estimate and measure, through story-telling and creative building. They learn to use increasingly descriptive language as they build a variety of solutions using LEGO® DUPLO® and LEGO® bricks.

5+ My World Adventure:
Children investigate air, sea, land and space travel; they design and build different types of vehicles and investigate how they move. They explore and design patterns, and invent and play a variety of games. This program combines fantasy, imagination and storytelling with simple exploration into historical events and geographical facts, using a variety of LEGO® tiles and bricks. 

6+ My World Inventions:
Children explore ways in which people and things move: for example, how animal and human bodies bend and jump, and how machines lift or spin. They learn about simple machines in the home and local community, and design and build their own solutions using Early Simple Machines sets. 

7+ World Science:
The 7+ program teaches children to build and design increasingly advanced mechanisms using LEGO® Technic and System sets. Through playful topics such as Secret Agents, Circus and Desert Islands, children learn about components such as gears, pulleys and levers, and use motors to power their great inventions. For seven and eight year-olds. 

8/9+ World Robotics I & II:
Introducing the world of robotics – children learn to create simple computer programs that control the behavior of robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® software and Technic sets. Designed for children of eight years old and upwards, the programs teach programming and building skills step-by-step through playful topics. For older and more experienced children, the programs provide opportunities to develop creative designs and engineering solutions.

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