Collaborate to win!


Wait a minute, what’s collaboration anyway?

Do you know any tricks for collaborating to win?

Build these!


Follow these building instructions to make:

  • 1 Goal
  • 1 Robot Player
  • 1 Hand Player
  • 1 Disk

You’ll also need these 6 LEGO bricks.

Activate Your Player

SPIKE Extra resources Goal Step03-Program - en-au

Play the program. Did you score a goal?

Adjust the program parameters to improve your accuracy.

1 minute to score as many goals as possible!


Challenge #1: Here are the rules:

  • Place everything in random positions.
  • You must pass the disk at least once before scoring a goal.
  • You have 1 minute to rack up as many goals as you can!

Collaborate to create your own challenge!


Challenge #2: Use bricks and other things to build a new challenge.

  • Create your own rules.
  • Make sure to include everybody's ideas!
  • Challenge others to a match.


How did you do?  


What did you do well? Is there something you could’ve done better?

Can you share some tips for awesome collaboration?