What? It doesn’t always work as you expect?

How do you usually solve a new challenge?

Build a Rhino!


This build has two parts:

  • Rhino's Body

  • Rhino's Head

Make it Move

SPIKE Extra resources Going Distance Step03-Program - en-au

Place a LEGO brick 1 meter from from the Rhino's nose.

Play the program and see what happens.

Stop at the brick!


Keeping the LEGO brick 1 meter from the Rhino's nose, adjust your program to make the Rhino stop as close to the brick as possible, without touching it.

Ready for a challenge?


Place the LEGO brick 120 cm from the Rhino's nose.

You have one chance to program the Rhino to stop as close to the brick as possible, without knocking it over.

Good luck!

Can you make the Rhino stop when its nose hits a ”wall?”


Create 2 program stacks:

  • One without a sensor
  • One using the Force Sensor (the Rhino’s nose)

Play the program stacks separately and describe how your rhino’s reactions change.

Think about how you did.


What did you do well? Is there anything you could’ve done better?

Good to know you've solved that challenge!