Are you good at logical games?

Name some ways that playing games can help to maintain and improve your memory.

Build this brain game.


Meet the ‘Game Master’. It will read the colours in the brick ‘candy sticks’ that you feed into it!

If you have enough time, build your own design.

Player 1, where’s your red brick?

SPIKE Life Hacks Braingame Step03-Program - en-au

Play this program. It will use an array to detect the position of the red brick in the first candy stick. 

Red is given the number value ‘9’.

An array is like a one-column table with multiple rows.

Your Game Master will ‘eat’ the candy stick and then spit it out. Then the position of the red brick will be displayed on the Light Matrix.

If you place the red brick at the bottom of your candy stick, the Game Master will detect it and congratulate you.


Player 2, where’s your red brick?

  • Assemble player 2’s candy stick (now you should have 2 different candy sticks).
  • Program the Game Master to display the red brick’s position on the Light Matrix.
  • Use one array for each candy stick in your program.

The Game Master should display the position of the red brick when the Right Button on the Hub is pressed.

Is it in the same position?

Shuffle the bricks in both candy sticks.

Create a program that will play a sound if the red bricks are in the same position in both of the candy sticks.

Explore different ways of using ‘IF ELSE’ conditional statements.

For example:

SPIKE Life Hacks Braingame Step05-Program - en-au

Play a code breaking game!

Shuffle both candy sticks again.

Create a program that will tell you when the positions of all the bricks in both candy sticks match.

Check the ‘hint’ for the rules of the game.

Here are the rules:

  • Player 1 feeds a candy stick to the Game Master, who records the sequence of colours in an array.
  • Player 2 feeds another candy stick to Game Master, who records the sequence of colours in a second array.
  • The program compares both arrays and lights up an LED on a row to indicate the positions in which the colours of the bricks in both candy sticks match. 
  • Player 2 can reorder their bricks to try and match the order of player 1’s bricks.

Check out these programs for inspiration:

SPIKE Life Hacks Braingame Step06-Program - en-au

Think about how you did.


What did you do well? Is there something that you could have done better?

Wow! That was a mind-blowing life hack!