Take a moment to answer these questions.

  • What are some ways of determining whether a movement is precise?
  • How might you graph values to represent real-life movement?

Build a smart yoga ring.

  • Done! I have built my yoga ring.

Practice one yoga move.

SPIKE Prime Science Stretch with data - STEP03 - en-au
  • I am performing my first move with my yoga ring.
  • I can see the data on the line graph.

Practice another yoga move.

  • I am doing my second move with my yoga ring.
  • I can see new data on the line graph.

Follow the graph.

  • I have adjusted my program to graph 2 values.
  • I have tried to follow the graph.
  • I have answered these questions:
    • How precise were my movements?
    • Why was that?

How well did you do?


How would you summarise your experiment?

  • In your own words, explain pitch, roll and yaw.
  • How much have you tested the precision of your yoga ring? What did you do well?