Meet the Teacher Award 2018 Winners

The LEGO® Education Teacher Award is a celebration of innovative teachers from around the world who use LEGO bricks for STEM education in classroom. To enter, teachers have to show how they’ve used LEGO® bricks to enhance their lessons. The more creative, inventive and inspiring, the better!

  Meet the 2018 winners

Teachers whose entries were chosen were invited to present their work at the LEGO Education Symposium at Tufts University in Boston, MA, on 5-7 June, 2018. The 2018 Tufts STEM Education Conference is held in conjunction with the LEGO Education Symposium. Winners attended both events and were able to share innovative practices in a dedicated session and network with like-minded teachers.

The entry process for the Teacher Award 2019 will start in early 2019.

Watch all winners' videos

Yi Cheng from China

Teacher Yi Cheng from Beijing in China has been using LEGO® learning resources to teach STEM and STEAM in class since 2017. Yi talks about how she uses the Simple and Powered Machines resources to teach structures such as mortise and tenon, the strength of structures through building bridges and also the ancient history and culture of China. She describes the learning process that her students go through by playing an active role in their learning, and the various skills that they build.

Joe Moseley from Florida, USA

Joe Moseley is a STEM coordinator at Cornerstone school in Ocala, Florida, Joe teachers LEGO® robotics, CAD design and engineering. He talks about the benefits of teaching using LEGO resources and how they help him teach computational thinking and get his students' full attention.

Michio Kobayashi from Japan

Computer science teacher Michio Kobayashi shares his experience after using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® in his classroom for 10 years. In the video, he describes why he teaches using LEGO bricks and he talks about the iterative learning process in teaching coding and programming using LEGO resources.

Claudia Inés Parise from Argentina

Preschool teacher Claudia Parise from Buenos Aires, Argentina has been teaching in kindergarten using LEGO® bricks and various LEGO® Education learning resources for 10 years. In the video, she shares her experience with these resources and how they support her teaching philosophy.

Jill Pears from New Zealand

Jill Pear, a school principal in Christchurch, New Zealand and a teacher for 20 year, talks about her teaching philosophy and experience using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education and LEGO® Education WeDo in robotics classes and what she recommends to other STEM teachers.