Creative Exploration

Build up your preschool children's confidence through creative play

Creative activities for children are a great way to stimulate child development. Creative play with LEGO® bricks lets preschool children express themselves either in a group or on their own, at their own pace, in their own private construction area. LEGO bricks encourage peer-to-peer communication, developing an understanding and appreciation of each other’s ideas and contributions.

LEGO® Soft Starter Set (Ages 1½+)

The LEGO® Soft Starter Set is a great way of introducing preschool children to LEGO solutions and all their possibilities for creative play. The large, soft bricks stimulate child development and are perfect for little ones to explore their creativity.

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Creative LEGO® DUPLO® Brick Set (Ages 3 – 5)

The LEGO® DUPLO® Brick Set presents endless possibilities for creative play. Creative activities for children are essential for their development – and LEGO DUPLO bricks are ideal for stimulating children’s imagination and desire to learn. They can also be used as supplements to other LEGO sets.

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Creative LEGO® Brick Set (Ages 4+)

The smaller pieces in the Creative LEGO® Brick Set allow preschool children to go into more detail in their constructions. It’s fun, creative play that familiarises them with LEGO bricks in the classroom.

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Wild Animals

Explore the habits and relationships of the wildest animals around with this exciting set. Preschoolers can use the bricks and figures to talk about relationships between mothers and baby animals, and the needs of living creatures. The set provides hours of creativity and free play for a group of children.

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