Fun and exciting learning in primary schools

Ignite enthusiastic, effective, and lifelong learning

LEGO® bricks are naturally engaging to primary students. When they are introduced into the learning environment they boost motivation and engagement.

Students learn STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) more effectively while improving and developing their 21st-century skills, including problem solving, collaboration, and communication.

LEGO Education primary school resources lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Making the abstract concrete

Bring abstract concepts to life with a fun, hands-on approach that engages students. Use LEGO bricks to turn ideas into physical models that can be touched, described, and manipulated. By making abstract concepts tangible, they foster collaboration and encourage self-guided learning by creating enthusiasm and giving students the tools they need to develop their understanding.
  • Abstract concepts are made concrete with LEGO Education tools.
  • Students collaborate to solve problems.
  • Hands-on materials encourage students to become active participants in the learning process.

Develop essential skills for the future

To be able to thrive in tomorrow’s world, your pupils will need to be able to think critically and creatively, and solve problems as part of a team. LEGO® Education primary teaching resources are designed to nurture and encourage these skills, which will be at least as important to them as academic achievements.

  • Build skills for tomorrow’s world.
  • Make learning fun with classroom-ready teaching solutions.
  • Encourage collaboration and communication.

The fast, effective way to well-planned lessons

LEGO® Education teaching resources let you create engaging, inspiring cross-curricular lessons right out of the box. You also get teacher guides, curriculum packs, and all the software you need to easily integrate technology into your lessons. Assessment resources, pupil worksheets and digital documentation tools make it easy to track your pupils’ progress. If you need further support, try our useful e-learning and face-to-face training options.

  • Classroom resources that are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.
  • Great teacher support for before, during and after lessons. 
  • Easy to get started – comes with worksheets and assessment tools.

LEGO Education allows for open-ended problem solving and teamwork especially in STEM Education, and is a versatile platform to base all key learning areas on.

Jenny Garlick
Robotics Teacher, Gordon East Public School, NSW

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