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General Questions

What is LEGO® Education Professional Development?
LEGO® Education Professional Development inspires teachers to learn, practice, and master competencies to facilitate hands-on playful STEAM learning with their pupils. Teachers actively engage in this experiential, personalised professional learning programme designed to produce a strong set of transferable instructional skills and strategies that foster pupil success.

Who is Professional Development for?

  • Primary and Lower Secondary school teachers who seek to develop their STEAM teaching skills to become the best possible teachers in the classroom
    Is professional development included when I buy a LEGO Education product?
  • Online self-guided PD is complimentary and included in our product offering. The platform is open, so everyone can log in using a personal LEGO ID.

How does self-guided product training relate to facilitated product training?

  • Online Product Training offers self-guided video tutorials. These short videos will help to familiarise you with a LEGO Education product, and quickly build your confidence. You can view them anytime and as many times as you like, whenever you need support.
  • Facilitated product training is a full-day, facilitator-led training course for up to 20 participants aimed at helping teachers build confidence using LEGO Education products for classroom instruction. Led by a LEGO Education certified trainer, this virtual or on-site course is an extensive and interactive training experience that lets teachers get hands-on with the products.

How is LEGO® Education Professional development designed to deliver learning outcomes?
The LEGO® Education PD solution is built on a carefully designed competency framework that enables teachers to internalise, facilitate and fully realise critical competencies including the 4 areas of: pedagogy, STEAM Concepts, 21st century skills and Classroom management.

What is the competency-based framework?
LEGO Education Professional Development is founded on a competency-based framework that enables teachers to internalise, facilitate and fully realise critical competencies needed to drive student learning outcomes. The competency-based framework is rooted in four core competency categories: Pedagogy, STEAM Concepts, 21st Century Skills and Classroom management. The critical competencies in these four categories enable teachers to facilitate and fully realise the learning promises in every LEGO Education solution.

LEGO® Education is not an accredited institution. Those who wish to learn more about professional development credits or professional learning credits should contact their school or district for more information.