MoreToMaths Software Update

For MoreToMaths users who are running MathsBuilder v1.1 or previous version, there is now a software update (v1.2) available, which has the following improvements:


MathsBuilder v1.2 release notes

  • Changed installer framework on Windows and Mac to ensure the best install experience.
  • Changed interaction when rotating bricks from long-press to left-click: To improve the experience of interacting with bricks in the builder-environment, a brick is now lifted by simply left clicking (mouse) or tapping (touchscreen) on the brick. It can then be rotated by using the rotate-buttons or moved by clicking/tapping the brick and dragging it to the desired position.
  • Switching language within the software no longer requires restarting the software.
  • Content text improvements.
  • Content graphics improvements.


Note: New users simply have to install the MathsBuilder from LEGO Education Resources Online, whereas current users of a previous version of the MathsBuilder have to delete these before installing version 1.2. This action will not delete any created lessons or user generated data. A step-by-step guide will be shown in the download process for the customer when downloading v1.2 from LEGO Education Resources Online.

The maximum quantity of an item that can purchased in each transaction is 99.

To inquire about purchasing more than 99 of one item, please call 800-362-4738.