Android and ChromeOS

Connecting via Bluetooth

1. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your device settings.

2. Create or open a project in the SPIKE™ App.

3. Click/tap the Hub icon on the Programming Canvas.

Hub icon on canvas


 4. Hold down the Center Button to turn on your Hub.

Finger pressing the power button on the SPIKE Prime Hub


5. Press your Hub’s Bluetooth Button to enable Bluetooth.

Finger pressing the Bluetooth Button on the SPIKE Prime Hub 


6. Wait for your Hub to appear in the list of available Hubs. If your Hub is brand new, it’ll appear with the default name “LEGO Hub” until you give it a unique name.

List of Hubs 

7. Click/tap the “Connect” button below your Hub to connect. For some devices and operating systems, you’ll have to approve the pairing.


That’s it! Your Hub will display a Bluetooth icon and play a sound to let you know that you’ve successfully connected.

SPIKE Prime Hub with Bluetooth logo