LEGO® Education resources – what’s covered?

Primary computing – work to the KS2 computing curriculum

LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 makes your KS2 pupils’ introduction to computing fun and exciting. LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 also comes with great teacher support, built-in assessment and lots of inspirational input to your lessons.

  • Get started with basic programming
  • Makes it easy for pupils to get to grips with science
  • Pupils start learning to investigate, build and design
  • Helps pupils to learn how to work together and talk about their
  • Improves critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
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Maths – dive into problem-solving with fun KS1 maths activities

LEGO® Education primary maths resources get KS1 pupils working together with fun practical maths activities. LEGO® Education primary maths resources also help KS1 pupils to be enthusiastic and open about maths problem-solving.

  • Helps pupils make better sense of maths problems and how to solve them
  • Fun maths activities cover topics like numeracy, algebraic thinking, measurement, data, geometry, and spatial awareness
  • Gets pupils comfortable working in teams as well as on their own
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Literacy – open your pupils’ eyes to the joy and art of stories

LEGO® Education primary resources for literacy encourage pupils to write and tell their own stories. KS1 and KS2 writing activities foster your pupils’ storytelling abilities and make them enthusiastic about communicating their ideas.

  • Builds writing, language, and reading comprehension abilities
  • Gives pupils the confidence to share their stories
  • Helps pupils learn to listen to others
  • Gets pupils working together to create stories
  • Encourages pupils to compose new stories and helps them to analyse existing ones
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STEM – lay the foundation for a firm grasp of science and D&T

LEGO® Education STEM teaching resources use project-based learning to encourage creative and critical thinking. STEM teaching resources give your pupils the ability to think clearly and creatively about STEM subjects.

  • Helps pupils understand how science, design and technology, engineering and maths hang together
  • Gets pupils working and communicating together
  • Builds essential communication and problem-solving skills needed for tomorrow’s world
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Communication & Language – improve your pupils’ understanding of speaking and listening

LEGO® Education communication and language resources open your pupils’ eyes to the power of the spoken word and the rewards of being able to listen. LEGO® Education communication and language activities give pupils the space to feel at ease contributing to the lesson.

  • Gets pupils thinking reflectively and talking together more openly
  • Creates create a fun, secure and inclusive classroom
  • Bolsters your pupils’ social skills
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