Stack ’em up!


Have you ever seen a huge crane on a construction site?

Name 3 things that cranes are used for.

Build the Crane.


As a team, build: 

  • The Crane
  • The Building Units

You’ll also need a Driving Base to solve the mission.

Visit the building instructions page for inspiration.

Set up the game field.

SPIKE Competition Ready The Crane Step03-Program - en-gb

Make sure the Crane and Building Units are placed correctly on the FIRST LEGO League game field.

Don’t forget to use Dual Lock to secure the Crane to the mat.

Program and go!


Play this program and see what it does. 

Make sure that you start with your Driving Base in the right position.

Can you do it quicker?


How can you change your program or robot in order to solve the mission in less time?

Can you improve the accuracy of your Driving Base?

Don’t forget to decompose the challenges that you saw in the video. Break them down into smaller parts.

  • Position the Driving Base
  • Follow the line
  • Get close to the Crane
  • Activate the Crane

Use My Blocks to help to manage your program.

Think about how you did. 


What did you do well? Was there anything that you could’ve done better?

Now you’re ready for your next mission!