Free Kick

Foul! It is a free kick!


Build Your Goal

  • Building instructions, pages 56 - 84

This futuristic goal is a double-decker! The top goal is worth 2 points.


Give it a go!

Experiment 1: Red Shoe (90 Degrees)

  • Pull the lever back and place the ball on the penalty spot.
  • Where do you think the ball will go?
  • Let go of the lever and find out!

Experiment 2: Yellow Shoe (45 Degrees)

  • Predict the angle at which the ball will travel and write it on your worksheet.

Experiment 3: Purple Shoe (25 Degrees)

  • Again, predict where you think the ball will go.

What did you find out?

  • Which force(s) did you observe?
  • Was there a pattern?
  • Could you predict what would happen next?