Strike the Ball


  • How are the ball games that you saw in the video different from others that you have seen?
  • What happens when 2 balls collide at different angles, and why does this happen?
  • What did you notice about the collisions that you saw in the video?

Set up the game field.

Build this game area using:

  • 2 large blue plates
  • 2 green frames
  • 2 white plates
  • 2 yellow balls

Design Challenge

  • Design a mechanism that can strike one ball against another to score.
  • Your mechanism should include at least 2 moving parts.
  • You can’t push the ball directly with your hand.

It's idea time!

Come up with at least 2 ideas for how to move the ball (think back to the models that you have built in other lessons).
Remember to:

  • Use the bricks to help you brainstorm.
  • Use the images in the front of the building instructions book for inspiration.
  • Record your ideas and sketches on a piece of paper or in your science notebook.

Build and Test Your Ideas

  • Try out your ideas and make improvements.
  • Who will score first?

Go for the gold!

  • Challenge a classmate to test your game.

What did you find out?

  • Which forces did you observe?