Push Car Derby

Ready to Race

  • How can you make a car move without using a motor?
  • What makes the cars in the video move fast or slow?
  • What would happen if the people in the video let go of their cars?
  • What can slow a car down?

Build Your Car and Launcher

  • Building instructions book ‘A’, pages 28 - 46
  • Place the launcher on a smooth surface.
  • Explore how the launcher pushes and pulls the car.
  • Get ready to measure how far the car goes!

3, 2, 1, go!

  • Test how far the car goes with and without using the brake.
    1. Pull the spring forwards and hold it in place.
    2. Place the car next to the Minifigure.
    3. Let go of the spring and watch the car move.
    4. Try launching the car with and without using the brake.
    5. Measure 3 tries with the brake on and 3 without it.

Did you win?

  • Explain how far the car went with and without using the brake.
  • Share what you did to make your car go its farthest.