The Basics of Weightlifting

  • Which forces help a weightlifter lift the weights?
  • Which force makes the weights come back down?
  • What is a pulley? What is a block and tackle? How can these help a weightlifter train?

Build the Weightlifter

  • Building instructions book ‘B’, pages 68 - 86

Can you lift it?

Experiment 1:

  • Test to see if the model can raise the weights.
  • What did you notice?
  • Record your observations on your worksheet.
  • Remove one wheel from the barbell at a time. Test to see if the weightlifter can lift it.
  • How many do you have to remove before the barbell can be lifted?

Yes, you can!

Experiment 2:

  • Change the model to pulley position 2 and test it again.
  • What was different?
  • Record your observations on your worksheet.
  • How much can the weightlifter lift? Add bricks from the set to find out.

What did you see?

  • Which forces did you observe?