Return the Rock Samples

What are Martian rocks made of?

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Studying the composition of rocks from the Martian surface can help scientists to understand the history and evolution of its surface.

Which chemical elements would you be most interested in finding?

The scientists are firing up the mass spectrometer!


Collect the three Rock Samples and return them to the base area for further investigation. This could lead to some amazing new scientific discoveries!

Think about ways in which the robot could return the Rock Samples to the base area.

Brainstorm ideas for solving the mission.


You can split the main task into smaller subtasks, and brainstorm about questions like:

  • What are some ways in which the robot could navigate to the three Rock Samples?
  • Which type of motorised mechanism could be used to collect the Rock Samples carefully and securely?

Build, program and test your robot.


Continue working on your robot until you’re ready to complete the mission.


Achievement Badges

The four levels of badges that you can earn for this mission are:

Platinum Badge
You’ve managed to get all of the Rock Samples in one go and return them to the base area. You also went beyond the mission requirements by adding features to your design. Great job!

Gold Badge
You’ve managed to get all of the Rock Samples in one go and return them to the base area. This is an excellent result! You’ve justified your place on the mission team. Space exploration needs people like you!

Silver Badge
You’ve returned two or more Rock Samples in any number of goes. There were some problems along the way, but that’s to be expected in a difficult mission like this. The way you tackled them shows real strength of character, you did well!

Bronze Badge
You’ve managed to deliver one of the Rock Samples to the base area. It’s not quite what we needed for the scientific experiments, but it will do for now. We’ll need to go back out there, but thanks for your effort.

Go for it!


Set up your robot in the base area and send it out for a judged attempt at this mission.

Mission Rules

Remember to follow these rules as you’re attempting to complete the mission:

  • Your robot must always start the mission from the base area.
  • Your robot must leave the base area before carrying out the mission.
  • A ‘successful robot return’ occurs when any part of the robot crosses over any part of the base area line.
  • You’re not allowed to touch your robot while it’s outside of the base area.
  • If you touch your robot while it’s entirely outside of the base area and it’s holding an object, the object must be returned to its original position, and you must begin the mission again.

How did you do?


Which badge did you achieve? If you have enough time, you can try again for a better result.

The Rock Samples are ready for detailed analysis. Who knows what we’ll find… you’re on to your next mission!