Initiate Launch

Get ready for launch!

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A rocket going to Mars must reach an escape velocity of over 11 km/s in order to escape the Earth’s gravity and then embark on the journey to Mars, which takes about 200 days.

How are rockets launched into space?

All pre-flight checks have been conducted!


Press the launch button to start the launch sequence and prepare to bring the first crew to explore Mars! Make sure that your Rocket reaches escape velocity.

Think about ways in which the robot could launch your Rocket to activate the Mars Outpost.

Brainstorm ideas for solving the mission.


You can split the main task into smaller subtasks, and brainstorm about questions like:

  • What are some ways in which the robot could navigate to the launch site?
  • Which type of motorised mechanism could be used to press the launch button?

Build, program and test your robot.


Continue working on your robot until you’re ready to complete the mission.

Go for it!


Set up your robot in the base area and send it out for a judged attempt at this mission.

How did you do?


Which badge did you achieve? If you have enough time, you can try again for a better result.

Your Rocket is on its way to Mars, and the outpost has been activated! Congratulations!