Additional Preschool Maker Lessons

7 small activities for Maker in Preschool with STEAM Park. Use the Maker design process to try out one or more of the lessons listed below.

0-30 min
Reception-Year 1


Seven additional smaller Maker lessons for Preschool.
Use the Maker design process to try out one or more of the lessons listed below.

Thinking Hat

Make a wearable Inventor hat? A hat that helps you and everyone else coming up with great ideas.


Animal Shelter

Make a safe animal shelter. Choose your animal and create a place that shelters from the rain or provides a safe place to sleep. Is it waterproof?


Scary Creatures

Make a scary monster or scarecrow to keep the birds away from your strawberry patch/vegetable garden.
What makes it look scary? What does it do to scare the cheeky birds?


Helping Robot

Make a robot that can help your teacher or in your classroom. What does it need to be able to do? Water the plants? Tell the children to be quiet? Take things to the bins?


My Dream Car

Make the car of your dreams. What will make your car special and fun? Maybe it has a special feature or can drive all by itself? How is it powered?


Windpowered Machine

Make a machine that is powered by the wind or when you blow at something? Think of a helpful purpose for the machine, what does it do?


Across the Pond

Make something that can carry 3 animals/figures or items across a pond (tub of water). Can you get it across the water without touching it? And with no one getting wet …


Teacher Support

Children will:

  • Approach tasks, activities, and play in ways that show creative problem solving.
  • Use multiple means of communication to creatively express thoughts, feelings, or ideas.
  • Use imagination with materials to create stories or works of art.

STEAM Park Set (45024)
The LEGO Education Maker (design) Process
Maker Assessment
Craft Materials (e.g. construction paper, string, rubber bands, feathers, glitter, sticky tape)