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Healthcare Workers

Understand the role of healthcare workers in a town.

0-30 min
Reception-Year 1


Tell the children they will explore what it is like to be a healthcare worker.

Explain that doctors, nurses, and dentists are called “healthcare workers,” and that they help us stay healthy. Tell
the children that when all of the parts of your body are working as they should, you are healthy.

Tell the children that people go to doctors and dentists for different reasons. Sometimes they go to receive medical care, or help for health problems. Other times, people go to doctors and dentists for checkups. A checkup is an
appointment where a healthcare worker checks a person’s body or teeth to see if everything is okay. Explain that healthcare workers use tools such as lights, tongue depressors, stethoscopes, scales, measuring tapes or sticks, blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, suction straws, etc.

Explain that people also go to hospitals to receive care. Many mothers give birth, or have their babies in a hospital. The nurses and doctors check the mothers and babies to make sure they are healthy.

Show the photographs of the LEGO® DUPLO® models for Activity 4.


Consider asking questions like:

  • Have you ever been to the hospital, doctor’s office, or dentist’s office? If so, why
    were you there? Who worked there?
  • Which places are shown in these pictures?
  • What is happening in these pictures?


  • Tell children they are going to build a healthcare place, such as a dentist’s or doctor’s office.
  • Divide the children into pairs.
  • Allow each pair to decide what type of healthcare place they want to build. They may use the building cards or photographs for inspiration.


  • Ask each pair of children to present their model and talk about what the healthcare workers do in this place.


Ask the children to use the LEGO DUPLO figures and vehicles to act out what happens in the healthcare places they have built.

Teacher Support

Children will :
Begin to understand the importance of healthcare workers, and what role they play in a town.
For up to 8 children.

Children are able to describe what healthcare workers do.