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Places to Eat

Be able to name different places to eat and understand what customers and servers do.

0-30 min
Reception-Year 1


Tell the children they are going to build a place to eat. Talk about different places to eat (e.g., cafes, restaurants, food trucks, food courts, cafeterias, etc.). Tell the children that a food truck park has different trucks that sell different types of food.

Show the photograph of the LEGO® DUPLO® models for Activity 6.


Consider asking questions like:

  • What kind of eating place is shown in the picture?
  • Do you go out for dinner with your family? Where do you go? Which place is
    your favorite?
  • What other eating places are in your town? Which eating places would you like
    to have in your town?


  • Tell the children they are going to build a place to eat, it can be a building or a
    food truck.
  • Divide the children into pairs.
  • Ask the children to work together in their pairs to build a place that serves food.


Ask the children to present their models. Consider asking questions like:

  • Why did you choose to build that place?
  • What can you eat there?


Talk about what the customer and server might say at the eating place. Ask the children to choose a LEGO DUPLO figure and role-play in their pairs being a customer and a server at their eating place.

Teacher Support

Children will :
Begin to understand how different places to eat serve different types of food, and what it means to be a customer and a server.
For up to 8 children.

Children are able to discuss different places to eat and what the customers and servers do at those places.