All hands on deck!


A competition team is expected to know everything about their Driving Base.

How will you make sure that your whole team is involved in building it?

My build, our robot.


Working together as a team, build these 4 parts of this Advanced Driving Base. 

The four parts, together.


When everyone in your team has finished building, put the 4 parts together to make one Driving Base. Don’t forget:

  • Cable connections
  • Cable management

Does it work?

SPIKE Competition Ready Advance Driving Base Step03-Program - en-gb

Try this program and see what happens.

Your Driving Base should :

  • Move forward
  • Move backwards
  • Turn

Describe your Advanced Driving Base.


Pretend that you’re giving a short presentation to a competition judge.

How is this Driving Base different from other Driving Bases?

Talk about:

  • How your Driving Base feels
  • Whether or not the modular build was useful
  • Why the wheels are also supported from the outside

Evaluate your performance. 


Think about what you’ve done well and how you could improve for next time.

Keep improving your Advanced Driving Base so that it looks cool and does what you want!