Hands off!


Competition teams can’t touch their Driving Base while it’s running.

How will you make sure that everyone is involved in writing reliable programs?

Two markers to practice with.


Build these markers and place them 50 cm apart.

Try this My Block.

SPIKE Competition Ready My code our program Step03-Program - en-gb

What does it do?

A My Block is a way to create a group of actions that can be repeated whenever you need them.

Alright, it’s your turn!


Create a My Block that will make your Driving Base drive in a square.

Play your program whenever you‘re ready!

Everybody create a My Block!


Watch the video above and figure out which My Blocks you need. 

Create and test your programs.

Think about how you did.


Are you pleased with your performance? Was there anything that you could’ve done better?

My Blocks are a fantastic way to simplify your programs and work effectively as a team.