Push, pull, lift?


During competitions, Driving Bases need specific tools to perform specific tasks.

What tools would your Driving Base need in order to move objects?

Push forward and lift up.


Build these tools:

  • Dozer Blade (to push)
  • Lift Arm (to lift)
  • Crates (to move)

Use this program to test your tools.

SPIKE Competition Ready Time for upgrade Step03-Program - en-gb

Describe what happens.

One of the arms will move up.

Write a program to control your tools.


Make your Dozer Blade and Lift Arm move up and down quickly and slowly. 

Your program could look something like this:

SPIKE Competition Ready Time for upgrade Step04-HINT - en-gb

It’s challenge time!

Write a program that copies the behaviour that you see in this video.

This is called ‘decomposing a problem’.

How did you do?  


Are you pleased with your performance? Was there anything that you could’ve done better?

If you’ve reached this point, you must be ready for a mission!