Let's learn a few competition field tactics!


Successfully navigating around obstacles is a key to success on the robotics competition field.

Can you list all of the movements that you think your Driving Base should be able do?

Build a Practice Driving Base.


This is a simple but effective way to learn field tactics.

  • Practice Driving Base

If you have enough time, build your own design.

Try these programming stacks one after the other.

SPIKE Competition Ready Training camp 1 Step03-Program - en-gb

What do you see?

Change the values of each block’s parameters and see what happens.

Make your Driving Base move in a square.


Pick actions from the stacks that are already on the Programming Canvas.

Use a repeat Loop in your program.

What action do you have to repeat in order to make your Driving Base to move in a square?

Here’s an example:

SPIKE Competition Ready Training camp 1 Step04-Hint - en-gb

Time for a field tactics challenge!


Place 8 coloured bricks on a surface and use your programming skills to cross the ‘field’ without touching the bricks.

Develop your programming skills by writing the pseudocode first.

For example:

  • Move forward to ‘this point’
  • Turn about 45 degrees
  • Move backwards ‘a little’

This list is called ‘pseudocode’.

How did you do?


Think about what you’ve done well and what you could’ve done better.

Great start on avoiding obstacles!