Most games have an object to interact with.


For example, relay race runners must pick up and hand-off the baton with speed and accuracy.

Can you think of other examples?

Build these 4 game components.


We’ll use them one at a time.

  • Practice Driving Base with a Distance Sensor
  • Arm
  • Marker
  • Cube

Stop at object: with or without a sensor?

SPIKE Competition Ready Training camp 2 Step03-Program - en-gb

Place your Driving Base 30 cm away from the marker.

Try these 2 programming stacks one at a time and decide which one is best.

Drive forward and grab the cube.

Add extra programming blocks to your programming stack in order to make it:

  • Lower the grabber after stopping at the marker
  • Reverse and move the cube away from the marker

Watch the relay race!


Create a relay race program.

Will you be the fastest?

Check the ‘hint’ to read the rules of the game.

Think about how you did. 


What did you do well? Was there anything that you could’ve done better?

Looking good!