How cool is this?


Here’s a fun way to cut a dog's hair!

Can you use the same process to make your mornings easier? More fun? 

Think how you wake up, make and eat breakfast, and get to school. There’s got to be something you wish was easier!

Get your Hub.


You’ll use it as a countdown clock.

You have 3 minutes to generate ideas… go!

SPIKE Extra resources Ideas Step03-Program - en-gb

Think about what you’d like to improve about your mornings and how you could do it.

Play the program when you’re ready.

Press the Left Button on the Hub to activate a 3-minute countdown or on the Right Button for a 5-minute countdown.

Now you have 5 minutes to take it further.


Make a few sketches and use the bricks to roughly build your idea. Change the program or the model to make it work… make sure you can explain your thinking!

Make sure to explore all of your ideas. Don’t evaluate anything. Ideas that seem useless at first could spark new ones.

Alright, you have 5 minutes to share your ideas.


Describe your ideas to your teammates. 

Ask each other clarifying (but not judgemental) questions.

You have 5 minutes to discuss and choose your best idea.


Discuss, improve and rule out ideas.

Agree on one idea that you’ll explore further as a team.

Now you have 5 minutes to make a mock-up.


Use the LEGO bricks to build your idea.

It doesn’t have to be fully working, but it should help you to communicate your idea.

Ready? You have 3 minutes to present your idea!


Record a video explaining what you’ve been working on.

Make sure to include your whole team, even the camera-shy people!

Think about how you did.


What did you do well? Is there something that you could’ve done better?

Use this method anytime you’d like to generate ideas and improve your creativity!