Do you belong to a team?


Sports, music, dance, games... teams are found in all kinds of places.

Do you belong to a team? Does your team have a leader? What does your leader do?

You have 5 minutes to build a Robotic Hand.


Challenge #1: Pick a team leader and follow their directions. Work as fast as you can to build:

  • 1 Robotic Hand

You will also need 6 LEGO bricks.

Try Out Your Robot Hand

SPIKE Extra resources Pass the Brick Step03-Program - en-gb

Play the program by pressing the Left Button on the Hub to test that your robotic hand closes.

Take control of your robotic hand!

Program your hand to open and close.

Start with this program:

SPIKE Extra resources Pass the Brick Step04-Hint - en-gb

Move 6 Bricks in 2 Minutes


Challenge #2: Pick a new team leader and follow their directions.

You’ll take turns using your robotic hand to move one brick at a time from point A to point B.

Stack as Many Bricks as You Can In 3 Minutes


Challenge #3: It’s time for another new team leader.

Follow their directions and take turns using your robotic hand to stack one brick on top of another.

Watch out! If you knock the tower down, you’ll have to rebuild it yourself.

Move Bricks from One Place to Another


Challenge #4: Now pair up with another team and pick one leader.

Team A: Take turns using your Robotic Hand to pick up a brick. Meet halfway and pass the brick to the other team.

Team B: Take turns using only your robotic hand to grab the brick from the other team and deliver it to the assigned spot.

If the brick stacking challenge was easy, use this brick:


Otherwise, use this one:


How did you do? 


Think about what you have done well and what you could have done better.

Have you found new ways of improving your teamwork?