You have mail!


Locks and passwords are safety devices that are used everywhere to keep things safe.

Can you give some other examples of safety devices?

Build this Safe Deposit Box.


This Safe Deposit Box will help keep your valuables out of the hands of thieves. But first, you’ll have to build it.

If you have enough time, build your own design!

Now open it.

SPIKE Kickstart your business Keep-it-safe Step03-Program - en-gb

Play the program to figure out how your Safe Deposit Box works.

First, the safe will lock.

Press the Left Button on the Hub to unlock it.

Make it safer.


Add a condition to your program.

Make it so that your Safe Deposit Box only opens when the dial has been turned more than 180 degrees clockwise.

Here’s an example of a condition:

SPIKE Kickstart your business Keep-it-safe Step04-Hint - en-gb

Now make it even more safe!


Modify your program to work like the dial on a safe. For example, in order to open, the dial must turn:

  • 180 degrees clockwise
  • 90 degrees anticlockwise
  • 180 degrees clockwise

Evaluate your performance.


Think about what you’ve done well and how you could improve for next time.

Your parcel is in good hands!