Do you read user manuals or watch video tutorials?


You've just been given a new gadget and you have to set it up. 

How important are step-by-step instructions? Do you prefer videos or booklets?

Build this ’quality check’ robot.


This robot is your new best friend. It’ll help you check the quality of your ideas… you’ll have it up and running in no time!

Power up!

SPIKE Kickstart your business Place-your-order Step03-Program - en-gb

Play this program and watch your robot power up.

Create a programming stack from this pseudocode.

Program these actions.

  • Light up a heart
  • When I see the colour violet:
  • Light up a smiley
  • Turn motor A 30 degrees
  • Turn motor A -60 degrees
  • Turn motor A 60 degrees
  • Turn motor A -30 degrees
  • Play a sound
  • Light up a heart

Pseudocode is a way of decomposing complex actions into smaller parts. It’s like creating step-by-step instructions.

Your programming stack could look like this:

SPIKE Kickstart your business Place-your-order Step04-Hint - en-gb

Create pseudocode for the rest of the moves.


Watch this video. Decompose all of the actions that you see and write pseudocode for the movements.

Create programming stacks that follow your pseudocode.

How did you do? 


Think about what you’ve done well and what you could’ve done better.

Now that you know how to break big actions down into smaller ones, you can decompose any problem!