Get up and dance!


How much time do you spend sitting down? Think about the time you spend in class, on the computer, watching TV or playing video games.

Do you think it’s important to stand up and take regular breaks? Why?

Build this ‘Break Dancer’!


It’ll dance to the beat and remind you to get up and move. 

  • Break Dancer

If you have enough time, build your own design.

Sync those legs!

SPIKE Life Hacks Break Dance Step03-Program-Break-Dancer - en-gb

Play this program.

Change the timing to make the dancer’s legs move in sync with the light 10 times.

For example, have the legs start to move when the number ‘1’ is lit up on the Hub.

Swing those arms!


Now use what you’ve just learned to sync the dancer’s arms with the light. 

Add some beats!


Add at least 2 beats in tune with your dancer’s moves.

Can you keep everything in sync?

It’s time to move!


Now that everything’s in sync, program your dancer to remind you to take breaks every 60 seconds.

Don’t forget to get up and dance!

How did you do?


Think about what you’ve done well and what you could’ve done better.

Dance. Life hack. A perfect match!