Can you keep the count while exercising?


When athletes train, they normally do reps, a set or a routine.

Can you think of an example of each of these exercise terms?

Build Leo, your personal trainer.


This personal trainer will help you to count your sit-ups.

If you have enough time, build your own design.

Let's try this code first.

SPIKE Life Hacks Repeat-5-times Step03-Program - en-gb

You should see that Leo does some sit-ups by himself.

Count Leo's reps!


Now, use a variable to add a counting element to this program.

Add a second variable to count the number of calories burned.


The calories will increase by 3 for each group of 5 sit-ups. 

Display the number of calories burned on the Programming Canvas.

Now add some personality!


Use more bricks or change your program to give Leo more personality.

Record a video of a training session.

Think about how you did. 


What did you do well? Is there anything that you could’ve done better?

..7, 8, 9, 10… keep going, you’ve got this!