Would you like to become an expert at something?


Data can help to improve your skills.

What does it take to reach the ultimate level?

Describe 2 activities that you’d like to be good at.


What type of training would you need?

How could you use data in your training program?

Think about a hobby or sport that you do:

  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Dancing
  • Scoring goals on the football field
  • Something else?

Design a coach for your chosen activity.


Build something that will help you to practise. 


Visit the building instructions page for inspiration.

Create different programs using data.


Test your solutions as many times as possible.

Use a fair testing method to compare them.

Prepare to share your training program.


Put together a demo and present it to your class. 

Describe your trainer and how you’ve used data.

Talk about what your trainer is good at (or not so good at). 

How did you do?  


Think about what you’ve done well and what you could’ve done better.

Well done! Now keep on hacking your life.