Beaufort, who?


How can you measure the speed of something that you can’t see?

How is wind speed measured?

Build this Beaufort Wind Indicator.


It’ll show you the speed of the wind and tell you if it’s safe to fly a drone or a kite, play volleyball or have a party outside.

If you have enough time, build your own design.

Try this program.

SPIKE Life Hacks Windspeed Step03-Program - en-gb

Enter the name of a city and play the program in order to see what happens.

Make the Wind Indicator show you the wind speed.


Divide the scale into 2 parts:

  • If it’s windy, move to yellow
  • else, move to blue

Make your Wind Indicator more precise.


Now extend your program to increase the precision of your scale by dividing it into 4 parts.

Where’s the wind coming from?


Add a function to display wind direction.

Evaluate your performance. 


Think about what you’ve done well and how you could improve for next time.

Now you can see the wind!