Take a moment to answer these questions.


For an object that’s slowing down, like a skateboard or a curling rock:

  • What does the graph showing the distance that was travelled over time look like?
  • What does the graph showing the speed over time look like?
  • What does the graph showing kinetic energy over time look like?

Build a street curling rock!

  • Done! I've built my model.

Practice your push.

  • I have a start line and a target.
  • I can push my curling rock towards the target and trace a graph.
SPIKE Prime Science Aim for It - Step03 - en-gb

Get your initial speed.

  • I've changed my program to get my initial graph speed.
  • I've tried a new push of my curling rock, and I can log an approximate initial speed.

Find the initial kinetic energy.

  • My program is calculating and showing the kinetic energy at the beginning of my push.

m = 305 g

Let's play a game!

  • I've prepared the playing field.
  • I've tried to hit the centre of the target 3 times.
  • I've measured the distance between the target and where the rock stopped.

How well did you do?

  • I can answer these questions:
    • How would you summarise your experiment?
    • What have you learned?