Take a moment to answer these questions.

  • What is potential energy?
  • How high can you jump?
  • How can you measure the height of a jump?
  • How much (potential) energy is that?

Build a smart kettlebell!

  • Done! I've built my kettlebell.

Practice your jumps.

  • I know how to jump with the kettlebell.
  • I’m able to use the program and the graph to determine how high I've jumped.
SPIKE Prime Science Time for Squat Jumps - STEP03 - en-gb

Measure your potential energy.

  • I’m able to display my potential energy in my program.

Does your potential energy change?


Answer This Question
- Do you have more or less potential energy when you jump with your rucksack on?

How well did you do?


How would you summarise your experiment?

  • What did you do well? Was there anything that you could have done better?