LEGO® Education Master Educator Programme


About the Programme

The LEGO® Education Master Educator Programme, a volunteer ambassador programme, is a community of early learning through secondary educators who embody the mission of LEGO Education to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow by enabling every student to succeed. Master Educators are given opportunities to share best practices, provide feedback to LEGO Education to advance hands-on learning, participate in LEGO Education activities, and more!

The programme recognizes and celebrates educators who embody the LEGO Education mission of enabling success for all students through hands-on learning experiences. The programme fosters a sense of community among like-minded educators, serving to share knowledge and ideas for strengthening student’s success.


"I don‘t really think I teach that much. But I try to create conditions in my classroom that allow my students to learn through tinkering and play."

Chris Wilde
Head of Digital Technology and Computing
LEGO Education Teacher Award Winner
Royal Grammar School, Newcastle

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