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EV3 Space Challenge Missions

EV3 Space Challenge Missions

Blast off to instant success in computing, science, technology, engineering and maths with EV3 and the EV3 Space Challenge Set & Activity Pack.

Designed as an engaging and easy introduction to robotics, students will work with a very current and real-world theme – travelling to and living on Mars. They work as scientists and engineers and progress through missions that put their creative problem-solving skills to the test. They even complete three research projects which were co-developed with space experts that address fundamental challenges engineers and scientists are working to solve today.

The set comes complete with 30+ hours of lessons, learning and challenge mats, and a large LEGO® brick set for building challenge mission obstacles. Watch the videos to find out more about each mission.

Mission 1 – Activate Communications

The communication station needs to be activated so the scientists can upload data to the space base. For some reason, they can’t seem to get the station online. They are depending on you to make that happen. Please hurry!

Mission 2 – Assemble Your Crew

For a successful mission to Mars, you need to assemble the right astronauts for the job. The most important member of any crew is the flight commander. You need to identify the flight commander from the mission specialist, retrieve the commander from the lunar flight base, and then prepare for launch. Don’t delay!

Mission 3 – Free the MSL Robot

The MSL robot is used to roam Mars’ surface on many different missions. While it was climbing a steep slope, it got stuck and needs help to get free. You are the only one who knows how to free this expensive robot from the slope and return it to its mission. Be careful!

Mission 4 – Launch the Satellite

A communications satellite needs to be launched into Earth's orbit so the space base can communicate with Earth during the mission. It's your job to make sure the satellite makes it into the marked area, and it is crucial that you succeed. Good luck!

Mission 5 – Collect Rock Samples

While on this mission, scientists would like you to collect three rock samples and return them so they can investigate them. Two samples from Mars and one sample from the nearby asteroid Vesta are requested. Without you returning these samples, the scientists will not be able to make any amazing new discoveries.

Mission 6 – Secure the Power Supply

The space base is nearly ready for the rocket, but a power supply still needs to be secured. You have been tasked with this job. Find a way to get the power flowing to the station, so everything will be up and running when the crew gets there.

Mission 7 – Initiate Launch

Everything is finally ready. There is nothing left to do except send the crew to Mars. You will be the one responsible for sending the rocket on its way and initiating the launch. We are so proud of all your accomplishments. Save travels!

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