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In Preschool we’re building amazing things. Through play children build essential skills for life.

Learning STEAM Through Play

Learn more about how LEGO Education supports engaging and impactful STEAM play in preschools, read our insightful research papers, and find an inspiration activity to use in your Preschool class today.

Research & Insights

The Importance of STEAM in Early Education

Read more about how preschoolers can benefit from learning the foundations of STEAM early.


Playful Context

Read about the importance of playfull context for learning

Research & Insights

Confident Storytellers

Read about why playful literacy experiences are important

Research & Insights

Role Playing

Read about role playing and that 'such play substantially contributes to a child's development' [Sutton & Smith, 1997]

Research & Insights


Read about the importance of harnessing creativity, developing self-expression and raising self-esteem.

Research & Insights

Discover the community

Read about how play can help preschool children discover their community

Research & Insights

Building Social Skills

Learn why play is so important to develop social and emotional skills as early as preschool.

Research & Insights

Building Maths Skills

Children develop important early math skills, in a playful, hands-on setting. Read more here

Research & Insights

Imagination & Creativity

Read more about the importance of imagination and creativity.

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Read more about developing responsible citizens together.

Research & Insights
Children are inquisitive investigators, always looking to see how things work and how to make things happen. By giving them resources that foster investigation, problem solving, manipulation, and cause and effect scaffolds their STEAM skills early in life.

Kim Weldon
Education Supervisor at Action for Boston Community Development

Activities to Try in Your Preschool Classroom

Explore Estimations and Measurements

Ask the children to build a model of a game, ride, or food stand and to demonstrate how their model works. Discuss types of measurement such as distance, height, weight, and length. Ask the children to name what could be measured in each model. Make comparisons and estimations of weight, distance, price, etc. 

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Exploring Animals

Using pictures of animals, or animals that you have in your classroom, ask your preschoolers to sort the animals by where they live. Next have them sort the animals into families. Be sure to highlight vocabulary words such as habitat, endangered, shelter, or climate. Then have them build animal habitats out of bricks or other supplies you have in your classroom. 

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Build an Apple

Invite your preschoolers to build an apple (or any piece of fruit) out of blocks or bricks. Ask them to count how many pieces they used. Then, invite them to pretend to take a bite by removing one of the pieces. Ask them how many pieces are left.


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Quiet time

Here are some fun activities for the little artists in your #preschool. Download our colouring pages for some creative fun!

Download free coloring pages here

Role play

Imaginative play develops empathy. Children who engage in pretend play are better able to understand the feelings and ideas of others. Ask your children to imagine that they are someone else and build what that person would build. Consider asking questions like: What would your dad build? What would your best friend build? What would your local community hero build? 

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Maths game

Encourage children to practice matching quantities to numbers. One child is the train engineer driving a train with loads of bricks or other items. The other children are holding numbered bricks and waiting for deliveries. The train engineer must stop and deliver the number of items that matches the numbers shown on each brick.

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Heroes and Villains

Ask children who are some of their favorite heroes and villains. What special powers do they have? What are their weaknesses? Who are their friends? Encourage children to use their imaginations to build and act out a story about their favorite characters.

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Roles and Responsibilities

Facilitate a discussion between your preschoolers around the different types of places in your town. Then, ask the children to build the place and talk about the people who work there. 

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