Preschool Early Language and Literacy

Early Language & Literacy

Give your preschool children the keys to commanding their language

LEGO® Education preschool resources for literacy make fun play go hand in hand with communication and language development. Preschool children use the packs for speaking and listening activities that stimulate their imaginations, encouraging them to make up stories and telling them together.

Fantasy Minifigure Set

With 21 unique fairytale and historical characters, the Fantasy Minifigure set will enable preschool children to bring stories to life and unleash their imagination. Playing cards offer game opportunities that promote social skills, critical thinking and language development.

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The StoryTales storytelling set is a great way to teach preschool literacy. It gets children to role-play and create their own stories, encouraging communication and language development as they have fun together.

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Our preschool partners

We work closely with specially selected distribution partners who have years of experience in advising and equipping preschools throughout the UK with educational resources. These distribution partners are all authorised to sell various LEGO® Education resources on our behalf. Click on the link below for a list of all our partners, and to contact the ones relevant for your needs directly.

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