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Coding is More Than Writing Code

For primary school pupils it is important to learn how to write code, but they also need to learn how to apply computational thinking skills

WeDo 2.0 helps pupils apply computing skills as they explore, define, design and code solutions to real-world STEM challenges.

LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 helps primary school pupils to develop computational thinking techniques by encouraging them to explore, build, code, test and refine solutions to engaging challenges that fulfil STEM and computing curriculum requirements. WeDo 2.0 now includes eight exciting new modules specifically designed to teach coding at Key Stage 2 through developing pupils’ abilities to apply computational thinking.

WeDo 2.0 helps pupils develop ways of thinking, not just coding. WeDo 2.0 makes computing and science come to life.

Learning to write code is important, but pupils need to know more.

We all know that it’s vital that children learn the skills they’ll need to thrive in a future where technology is fully integrated into every aspect of life.

To truly harness the power of technology children first need to learn how to think through complex problems and define possible solutions in a way that a computer can understand, test and implement for them. Coding is simply the means by which we instruct and control technology. The critical skill is the way of thinking - computational thinking. It's an approach to problem-solving that can help pupils in all STEM subjects and beyond.

Computational thinking involves five skills

  1. Decomposition
  2. Generalisation (pattern recognition) 
  3. Algorithmic thinking (coding)
  4. Evaluating
  5. Abstracting

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