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More playful, creative and hands-on methods of teaching engage pupils of all abilities and achieve results. That’s why LEGO® Education for primary schools is a hands-on, minds-on progressive system for teaching across the curriculum.

The familiar LEGO® brick stimulates children’s desire to learn, and to learn more, through curiosity, creativity, critical-thinking and collaboration. Our curriculum-aligned resources bring playful learning into the classroom.

Proof of learning impact

A range of independent research has found guiding principles about what makes teaching productive and learning effective:

  • Learning happens most effectively when learners are motivated to engage with the learning
  • Learners should be given opportunities and resources for hands-on exploration
  • Learning becomes deeper when learners are facilitated to engage in reflection
  • Learners continue their learning trajectory when they feel they own the learned knowledge and skills
  • Learners learn more through a playful approach to learning
  • Learning is enhanced through collaborative experiences
  • Learning and creativity are strongly linked

What do primary school pupils think?

Watch our video to find out what Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils who are using LEGO® Education resources at school say.

Teacher Testimonial

Stuart Swann

“We know, as teachers, that if pupils are engaged, if they are challenged to solve problems independently, if they are encouraged to collaborate, to take risks and if they are having fun, that they will learn more and learn better.”

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Teacher Testimonial

Chris Wilde

“I was really excited to get a chance to use the new WeDo 2.0 kit after the success I’d had using WeDo in the classroom already.”

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Teacher Testimonial

Emma Grant-King

“It was a new and refreshing approach which allowed me to see things from a different perspective.”

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