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Fun, exciting learning in primary schools

Build your pupils’ learning skills from their first day at school

LEGO® Education primary teaching resources help you make your Key Stage 1 & 2 curricula fun to learn. For subjects like computing, science, technology, classroom tools like LEGO® bricks boost your pupils’ motivation and stimulate their natural desire to explore and discover. LEGO® Education primary teaching resources are cross-curricular, helping your pupils develop invaluable problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills. LEGO® Education primary school resources lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Drawing of a wind turbine

Make ideas come to life in the classroom

LEGO® bricks are ideal teaching resources to help primary school pupils gain a firm grip on concepts that are new to them and difficult to understand. LEGO® Education primary teaching resources let you turn abstract ideas into tangible objects that can be seen, touched, described – and played with. This encourages your pupils to overcome challenges and learn together.

  • Abstract ideas are brought to life.
  • Pupils work together to solve problems.
  • Cross-curricular KS1&2 classroom tools that can actually be seen and touched motivate pupils to learn.

Develop essential skills for the future

To be able to thrive in tomorrow’s world, your pupils will need to be able to think critically and creatively, and solve problems as part of a team. LEGO® Education primary teaching resources are designed to nurture and encourage these skills, which will be at least as important to them as academic achievements.

  • Build skills for tomorrow’s world.
  • KS1&2 cross-curricular classroom tools that make learning fun from the first day.
  • Encourage collaboration and communication.
Drawing of a lightbulb
Drawing of a graph

The fast, effective way to well-planned lessons

LEGO® Education primary school teaching resources let you create engaging, inspiring cross-curricular KS1&2 lessons right out of the box. You also get teacher guides, curriculum packs and all the software you need to easily integrate technology into your lessons. Assessment resources, pupil worksheets and digital documentation tools make it easy to track your pupils’ progress. If you need further support, try our useful e-learning and face-to-face training options.

  • Built on KS1&2 curriculum requirements.
  • Great teacher support for before, during and after lessons.
  • Easy to get started – comes with worksheets and assessment tools.

We know, as teachers, that if pupils are engaged, if they are encouraged to collaborate, that they will learn more and learn better.

Stuart Swann
Primary teacher & education specialist

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