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Automating the installation of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3

This installation guide is intended for IT administrators who wish to automate the installation of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Lab and EV3 Programming software on multiple devices.

EV3 Lab (Mac & Windows)

About EV3 Lab Teacher and Student Editions

During the installation process, you have the option to change the default setting from Student version to Teacher version of EV3 Lab (on Mac devices, choose ‘Customized’ installation to install the Teacher Edition). In the Teacher Edition, you will find additional information and resources that can be useful in a classroom setting and in other teaching situations. You will also be able to access, create, and manage teaching content from the Content Editor, for example, disable student access to specific programs. If you are an educator, we highly recommend that you install the Teacher Edition.

To perform a silent installation

The EV3 installer uses a configuration file, called a spec file, as a replacement for the configuration dialogs. This spec file contains information about which features to install.

  1. Create the spec file: The installer can be run in a spec file generation mode. In this mode, you can enter in installation path, and select which features that you would like to have installed or not installed. You can also leave fields to a default value. You can run the installer in spec file generation mode using the following command:

setup /generatespecfile [spec file name].

The installation dialog will appear. Instructions on the fields in each dialog exist at the bottom of the user interface. Once you walk through all of the dialogs, a spec file will be created which you can use to install the software silently.

  1. Run "setup.exe [path to spec file] /q /AcceptLicenses yes". Passing "yes" to "/AcceptLicenses" indicates that you agree with the license agreements. Use "/qb" in place of "/q" to run the installer in basic UI mode.

  2. The installer will automatically restart your system after the installation is complete. To prevent the restart, run "setup.exe [path to spec file] /r:n /q /AcceptLicenses yes". For more information about automating the installation, please visit and enter the infocode "exdir3".

EV3 Programming (Windows 10)

To perform a silent installation


For full details of available command line parameters, please visit:

Application Data

Application data is stored in the file system and in the registry, and will not be deleted when uninstalling the app.

File system

“Documents\EV3 Programming\”, e.g. “C:\Users\MrRobot\Documents\EV3 Programming\”



Log file

The app log file is located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\ EV3Programming\EV3 Programming_Data\output_log.txt”