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LearnToLearn Product Lifecycle Questions

Why is LearnToLearn being discontinued?
These products are being discontinued due to the fact that LearnToLearn did not meet the set expectations. However, LEGO® Education believes that current users of LearnToLearn will be able to provide relevant teaching and learning experiences for many years to come.

Will LearnToLearn be available beyond June 2017?
No, the exiting portfolios will not be available from LEGO Education after June 30, 2017. However, local distributors will sell LearnToLearn as long as stocks last. LEGO Education will continue to provide support through our customer service and tech support for an additional 2 years.

Will LEGO Education stop supporting LearnToLearn by the end of June 2017?
LEGO Education will honor any warranty that is still valid after June 30, 2017 for replacement parts. Anything without a warranty beyond June 30, 2017, we cannot guarantee a replacement. As long as LEGO Education has replacement parts in stock, we can continue to supply solutions to faulty equipment. However, LearnToLearn will no longer be manufactured after June 30, 2017 and our replacement supply will not be replenished. Once the replacement supply is exhausted, there will be no more replacement support for these portfolios. LEGO Education will no longer promote, sell, or gain new users of LearnToLearn as of June 30, 2017.

LEGO Education is no longer manufacturing LearnToLearn after June 30, 2017 and will not develop any new components, experiences, curriculum or content for these portfolios.

How will LEGO Education ensure that teachers can continue to use the products from the portfolios?
LEGO Education will continue to offer ongoing service, technical and software support for 2 years after the exit until June 30, 2019. The support for software will be on existing operating systems only.

I just bought a whole classroom set of LearnToLearn. Can I trade it for another product and pay the cost difference?
No, LEGO Education does not have a trade-in program.

Which LearnToLearn products are being discontinued by June 30, 2017?
The following product will exit and will not be available for delivery after the exit date:

  • 45120 - Brick set including curriculum pack

General Questions

What is LEGO Education LearnToLearn?
LEGO Education LearnToLearn is a cost effective classroom solution that coaches educators how to effectively use LEGO bricks across areas of the curriculum while keeping 21st Century skills development at the forefront. With simple activities across literacy, math, social studies, science, and design and engineering, all developed by classroom teachers, LearnToLearn delivers an easy way get started with LEGO Education in the classroom.

What comes with the product?
The solution comes with 28 individual sets containing 72 LEGO bricks packaged in reusable storage bags to be distributed to each student. Also included is a downloadable curriculum pack which contains 3 getting started activities to support classroom management and 15 activities across five learning areas, and a variety of teacher support materials.

What skills are gained using the product?
LEGO Education LearnToLearn is an educational tool that helps elementary school students achieve curriculum goals within Design & Engineering, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies while also building and reinforcing the most fundamental learning skills of the 21st century: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

Does it support standards/common core?
The LearnToLearn Curriculum Pack is not specifically correlated to national standards, as the purpose of the solution is to introduce elementary teachers to the LEGO Education learning methodology and how to use LEGO bricks for educational purposes. Each of the activities in the areas of science, literacy, math, social studies, design and engineering do have specific learning outcomes and provide samples of what is possible when using LEGO Education to teach a variety of core subject areas. The activities in the LearnToLearn curriculum pack reference the core LEGO Education solution that is available for a particular learning area.

For example, if a teacher and his or her students really enjoy the language arts activities available in the LearnToLearn pack, and would like to delve deeper into literacy learning using LEGO bricks, then we would recommend LEGO Education StoryStarter, the more comprehensive language arts solution specifically developed to help teachers achieve national curriculum objectives. All of the core LEGO Education elementary solutions, referenced in the LearnToLearn curriculum pack have been correlated to the National standards and Next Generation Science Standards for their appropriate grade levels.

Why would I need this in my classroom?
Like all classroom solutions from LEGO Education, this set is based on “Constructionism,” a school of thought pioneered by progressive theorists Jean Piaget and Seymour Papert. Constructionism starts with the conviction that children learn best when they experience things firsthand and within a meaningful context. Unlike simply memorizing abstract principles, hands-on experimentation with concrete materials leads to deeper engagement and more memorable learning — especially when children perceive their work as relevant. LearnToLearn introduces this theory to the classroom in a simple and approachable way, providing an engaging learning experience for teachers and students alike.

When you say it was developed for teachers by teachers, what does that mean?
In short, this means that 30 real-world educators from 4 countries who were both familiar and unfamiliar with LEGO Education were an integral part of the development process. Especially in the activity development including defining the lesson structure, the learning areas to be covered and the classroom management tricks to be incorporated, we worked with current elementary teachers to create a product that was simple, relevant, and extremely usable in today’s classroom.

How in-depth are the activities in each subject area?
There are several activities (2-3) for each learning area covered in the activity pack. The activities are designed to be completed in a 30-45 minute timeframe. Also included are grade level modifications within each activity that allows you to scale up or down depending on the student’s learning, experience, or grade level. By providing 2-3 activities for each learning area, it is our intention to introduce the LEGO Education methodology broadly across subjects without diving too deep into the curricula. We want to give educators a taste of the materials, process, and positive impact on learning outcomes and student engagement that LEGO Education solutions bring to the elementary environment.

Why is LEGO Education just now coming out with an “affordable” product?
LEGO Education prides itself on the quality of both the brick sets and curriculum we develop. It is always our goal to offer the best product possible to teachers that will last them for many years to come. Though our products can require a larger investment up front, the ability to use them over a long period of time with many students, gives them a greater lifetime value. Furthermore, with the introduction of LearnToLearn, teachers will be able to experience LEGO Education broadly across subject areas, enabling them to decide if or which LEGO Education core solution best suits their classroom needs.

Can I just use regular LEGO bricks? Why do I have to have the set?
During the development process the number, color, and type of bricks were carefully tested and selected to ensure students had the materials they would need to complete all of the challenges presented in the curriculum pack activities. For example, we have included minifigures to outfit students with characters that might be needed to complete a language arts activity, we also included elements that allow for movement should that be a component of a design or engineering challenge. We also considered the overall number of bricks that is appropriate for students of this age range to be responsible for.

What grade levels is the product geared towards?
LearnToLearn was developed for use in grades 1st-4th. The grade level modifications included in all the 15 activities enable educators to scale the difficulty level up or down depending upon age group being implemented with.

Does LearnToLearn integrate in with other LEGO Education products?
LearnToLearn is intended to introduce educators to how they can use LEGO Education solutions in their classroom. Currently, we do not have plans to create activities where you use the LearnToLearn kits in conjunction with other LEGO Education solutions.

Is there a digital component to LearnToLearn?
Currently there are no apps or software to accompany LearnToLearn. The curriculum pack can be downloaded from the website.

Are there any studies that show how LearnToLearn helps students with learning disabilities?
Though no formal studies exist, there is anecdotal data from the development teachers suggesting all students were highly engaged when using LearnToLearn regardless of learning abilities, gender, or prior experience with LEGO bricks. Several of the implementing teachers commented that this really helped level the playing field for many of their elementary learners.

Will there be a homeschool edition available?
At this time, we do not have a condensed version of LearnToLearn for homeschool. However, the product could be used in a homeschool co-op setting, shared among families, or also for summer camps.

The LearnToLearn solution offers 28 individual brick sets to serve 28 students. Can you buy 1, 3, 5 bags as well?
The product can only be purchased as an entire solution that includes 28 bags of bricks. At this time we do not offer the individual brick bags for purchase.