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Transformer 10V DC

45517  |  Age: 10+

This standard 10 V transformer allows you to charge your LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 rechargeable battery.

EV3 Intelligent Brick

45500  |  Age: 10+

This programmable, intelligent brick serves as the heart and brain of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 robots. It features an illuminated six-button interface that changes colour to indicate the brick's active state, a high-resolution black and white display, built-in speaker, USB port, a mini SD card reader, four input ports and four output ports.

The brick also supports USB, Bluetooth and WiFi communication (NETGEAR WiFi dongle WNA1100 Wireless-N 150) and has a programming interface that enables programming and data logging directly onto the brick. It is compatible with mobile devices and is powered by AA batteries or the EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery.

EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery

45501  |  Age: 10+

The lithium ion EV3 Rechargeable DC Battery is designed for use with the EV3 Intelligent Brick and features a capacity of 2050 mAh. It provides longer run time than AA batteries and can be charged without taking the model apart. 

The battery is included in the EV3 Education Core Set and has a charge time of around three to four hours. It requires the 45517 DC Charger, which is the same charger as used for the rechargeable NXT DC Battery. These are sold separately.

EV3 Large Servo Motor

45502  |  Age: 10+

The EV3 Large Servo Motor is a powerful motor that uses tacho feedback for precise control to within one degree of accuracy. By using the built-in rotation sensor, the intelligent motor can be made to align with other motors on the robot so that it can drive in a straight line at the same speed. It can also be used to give an accurate reading for experiments. The motor case design also makes it easy to assemble gear trains. 

EV3 Medium Servo Motor

45503  |  Age: 10+

The EV3 Medium Servo Motor is great for lower-load, higher speed applications and when faster response times and a smaller profile are needed in the robot’s design. The motor uses tacho feedback for precise control to within one degree of accuracy.

EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor

45504  |  Age: 10+

The digital EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor generates sound waves and reads their echoes to detect and measure distance from objects. It can also send single sound waves to work as sonar or listen for a sound wave that triggers the start of a program. Students could design a traffic-monitoring system and measure distances between vehicles, for instance. There is an opportunity to discover how the technology is used in everyday items like automatic doors, cars and manufacturing systems.

EV3 Gyro Sensor

45505  |  Age: 10+

The digital EV3 Gyro Sensor measures the robot’s rotational motion and changes in its orientation. Students can measure angles, create balancing robots, and explore the technology that powers a variety of real-world tools like Segway®, navigation systems and game controllers.

EV3 Colour Sensor

45506  |  Age: 10+

The digital EV3 Colour Sensor detects different colours. It also serves as a light sensor by detecting light intensities.

Students can build colour sorting and line-following robots, experiment with light reflection of different colours, and gain experience with a technology that is widely used in industries like recycling, agriculture, and packaging.

The EV3 Colour Sensor can measure reflected light, ambient light (from darkness to very bright sunlight), and colour. It can differentiate between no colour, black, white, blue, green, yellow, red, and brown.

EV3 Touch Sensor

45507  |  Age: 10+

The analog EV3 Touch Sensor is a simple but exceptionally precise tool that detects when its button is pressed or released and is able to count single and multiple presses. Students can build start/stop control systems, create maze-solving robots, and uncover the technology’s use in devices such as digital musical instruments, computer keyboards, and kitchen appliances.

EV3 IR Beacon

45508  |  Age: 10+

This has been designed for use with the EV3 Infrared Seeker Sensor. The beacon emits an infrared signal which the sensor can track. The beacon can also be used as a remote control for the EV3 brick through signals sent to the infrared sensor.

EV3 Infrared Sensor

45509  |  Age: 10+

The digital EV3 Infrared Seeking Sensor detects proximity to the robot and reads signals emitted by the EV3 Infrared Beacon. Students can create remotely-controlled robots, navigate obstacle courses and learn how infrared technology is used in TV remotes, surveillance systems and even in target acquisition equipment.

EV3 Cable Pack

45514  |  Age: 10+

Cable Pack for use with LEGO Education MINDSTORMS EV3. Contains 7 pieces: 4 x 250mm, 2 x 350mm & 1x 500mm.

LE Replacement Pack LME 1

2000700  |  Age: 10+

This pack includes elements for LME EV3 Core Set, part of 45544, LME EV3 Expansion Set (45560), LME Base Set (9797) and LME Resource Set (9695).

LE Replacement Pack LME 2

2000701  |  Age: 10+

This pack includes elements for LME EV3 Expansion Set (45560), LME Base Set (9797) and LME Resource Set (9695).

LE Replacement Pack LME 3

2000702  |  Age: 10+

This pack features a ball and ball joint for the LME EV3 Core Set, part of 45544.

LE Replacement Pack LME 4

2000703  |  Age: 10+

This pack includes elements for Green City Challenge Set (9594).

LE Replacement Pack LME 5

2000704  |  Age: 10+

This pack includes elements for EV3 Space Challenge Set (45570).

LE Replacement Pack LME 6

2000705  |  Age: 10+

This pack features elements for LME Base Set (9797), LME Resource Set (9695), LME EV3 Expansion Set (45560) and LME EV3 Core Set, part of 45544.

LE Replacement Pack Rubber Bands

2000707  |  Age: 10+

This pack features four rubber bands in white, red, blue and yellow for LME EV3 Expansion Set (45560), LME Base Set (9797), LME Resource Set (9695), Simple & Powered Machines Set (9686), LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set (9580) and LEGO Education WeDo Resource Set (9585).

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