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WeDo is a primary education resource developed for younger primary school pupils as an introduction to control technology and programming using robotics. It’s a fantastic, simple-to-use tool that enables pupils to learn by constructing their own models and bringing them to life. WeDo ticks national curriculum boxes and comes with a cross-curricular plug ‘n’ teach curriculum pack that improves communication, collaboration and team-building skills.

WeDo helps teach how technology plays an active and informative role in the pupils’ learning and is an ideal product for teaching across different subjects at primary school, particularly literacy, science, maths, technology and engineering.

WeDo Construction Set

Age: 7+ | 2 pupils | 158 pieces

This set contains more than 150 LEGO® elements, including Motion and Tilt Sensors, a motor, and the LEGO USB Hub. The accompanying icon-based drag-and-drop software provides an intuitive programming environment. The supporting curriculum pack contains activities that are divided into four themes and provide helpful teacher notes, instructions for project-based learning, a glossary, and building instructions.

The accompanying icon-based drag-and-drop software provides an intuitive programming environment.

Download WeDo Resources For Free

Many LEGO Education products require curriculum, software and/or eLearning to get started in the classroom. You can now download and explore these digital resources for free at any time.

WeDo Resource Set

Age: 7+ | 2 pupils | 326 pieces

The WeDo 1.0 Resource Set offers even more learning opportunities by providing new and additional elements for building large WeDo models. This set, combined with the WeDo 1.0 Core set (9580) allows students to build four new models.
The accompanying software includes advanced activities and open-ended problem-solving exercises, as well as teacher guides and student worksheets.

Key learning values

  • Programming using software to design and create a working model 
  • Using software to acquire information 
  • Using feedback to adjust a programming system output 
  • Working with simple machines, gears, levers, pulleys, transmission of motion

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