Harness the Power of Maker

Use the power of Maker to enable playful learning experiences.

LEGO® Education Maker activities help you to facilitate this process through safe, supportive and inspiring learning experiences.

LEGO® Education supports teachers by providing a system that enables Maker learning with age and curriculum-relevant materials that facilitate engaging lessons and, therefore, effective learning. This hands-on, minds-on approach creates active, confident and lifelong learners by enabling a positive mindset and encouraging a self-directed motivation to learn.

Primary Maker Activities for years 3-6

The Maker lesson plans support you to enable your students to become confident problem solvers and creative makers. Curriculum is based on the Simple Machines brick set.


Within a few seconds, I had children working together, sharing and supporting one another to achieve a given goal.

Jessica Graham
EYFS nursery & reception teacher, Betley C of E Primary School

Create Your Own Makerspace!

Find the best products to launch your own Makerspace.  Browse our line of Machines & Mechanisms to activate the Primary and Secondary School Maker Curriculum.

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